Monday Morning Quickie (in the early afternoon) – A Horse Expo Of A Different Color

If you’re going to be in the general northern Illinois vicinity this weekend, you might want to head over to the 2010 Equestrian Lifestyle Expo & Holiday Market. It’s going to be at the Lake County Fairgrounds on Saturday and Sunday, November 20 & 21, in Grayslake, Illinois.

This will be the 3rd year for the event; it’ll also be my 3rd year of being an Expo speaker. My presentation is on Sunday morning at 11:30 AM, and is part of the ProTrack for equine facility managers. Titled ‘Fifty Ways (Yes, 50!) To Stretch Your Marketing Budget,’ I’ll have a whole bunch of tips, ideas, and resources for the equestrian professional and equine business.

Image courtesy 2010 Equestrian Lifestyle Expo & Holiday Market

No Horses Here, But Yes To Learning & Shopping

What’s interesting about this horse expo is that there are ZERO horses present. That’s right, nada, zip, zilch.

What the Horsemen’s Council of Illinois (HCI) has done instead is collect a total of 50 great speakers (OK, I’m biased) to address a variety of topics for both the horse owner and the equine professional. Keynote speakers this year are the fantastic Jane Savoie (I attended a clinic of Jane’s several years ago in Tucson which was top-notch), Richard Shrake, and Jeannine Berger, DVM.

The shopping has been great the last two years, so I imagine it’s going to be great this year, too. Saturday evening has some additional activities, including live music, snacks & cash bar, a silent auction, and a treasure hunt with prizes.

I do hope you’ll join me, and share a link to either this post, or to the Expo Web site, with your friends who are in the area. One-day tickets are $8, and a weekend pass is $14, so it’s definitely worth the price of admission.

And here’s the marketing tip (thanks for sticking around!): The Expo has a link on their Web site to a full-color printable PDF flyer that can be posted at the barn, leveraging word of mouth opportunities. They’ve also used social media for the first time this year, via HCI’s Facebook page, and their brand-new Twitter account (@horsecouncil). These are all tools that can be used economically by equine businesses, to help spread the word about products, services, and events.

Make it a great week!



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4 responses to “Monday Morning Quickie (in the early afternoon) – A Horse Expo Of A Different Color

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  2. Would so love to make it, and would really love to hear you speak. Your tips on marketing have helped me more than I can say. Fifty of them? I’d be over the moon!

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