Monday Morning Quickie – Like It Or Not, Twitter’s Worth A Look

Many people tell me they prefer Facebook over Twitter. Either they find Twitter too confusing, or they say they don’t like the updates about what someone had for lunch or what music they’re currently listening to. However, with Twitter’s evolution and recent growth, it might be worth a second look as part of your overall marketing strategy.

Twitter has had phenomenal growth this year. From 105 million users this past April, to 145 million in early September 2010, and now up to a mind-blowing 175 million users, that’s some pretty incredible growth. reported on 10-31-2010 that Twitter is now on-track to break 200 MILLION USERS by the end of 2010; that’s growth of about a half-million people/users/Twitter accounts each day.

As for what’s being tweeted, or shared, via Twitter, it’s evolved from the ‘early’ days. Advertising Age reported earlier this month about how Twitter users adopted the platform and used it for everything from political organizing to headline news sharing.

I’ve found Twitter to be a great tool for interacting with people in real time; I love the immediate feedback and connection that Twitter allows. Twitter is also a good search tool, using the # sign (referred to as a ‘hashtag’ on Twitter) which makes a keyword searchable. For example, if you include the word ‘horse’ in your 140-character tweet, but you include the hashtag (#horse), that makes it a searchable, active link – and anyone searching for ‘horse’ on Twitter will find your tweet that included #horse.

The equestrian community is also growing and evolving on Twitter. There are more horsey ‘tweeps’ (another word for Twitter users) on Twitter, and there are the beginnings of some regular gathering forums using Twitter:

  • HorseChat is a weekly Twitter chat organized by Mandee Widrick of Horse Family Magazine (@horsefamilymag on Twitter); all are welcome to follow and join in. To do so, go to on Monday nights at 9 PM Eastern time, and enter HorseChat into the box at the top – you’ll be able to follow all the HorseChat tweets. You can tweet directly from your own Twitter account, or signing up for a TweetChat account will let you follow and tweet from the same place. Mandee also now archives each week’s HorseChat at the Horse Family Magazine Web site.
  • Also on Mondays is the Horse Social Media Chat (#HorseSoMe); you can also follow along at, just type in HorseSoMe in the box at the top.

What do you think? Do you love Twitter, or hate it? See it as a necessary marketing evil, or a tool to be embraced? I’d love to hear what you’re thinking about Twitter.

I’m thinking…175+ million people can’t be all wrong.


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