Construction – Being Under It, And Getting Through It

The 'horses' most frequently seen around Chicago in the summer. (image by Lisa Kemp)

In Chicago, there’s a saying that there are two seasons – winter, and construction. That’s because as soon as the winter weather breaks, construction on roads and projects starts, and continues up until the big snows hit…and then maybe even a little bit longer. The construction is also loud, messy, and frequently uncomfortable, with unexplained delays and traffic jams. Argh.

While Chicago’s construction season started early in the spring, it appears that my own ‘construction season’ hit me this August – and has gone on longer than I had anticipated. So this is a bit of a check-in.

I’m currently reviewing and fine-tuning various projects and directions; I was finding myself busier than ever, but strangely not feeling as satisfied with work as I’d like to be. So I decided to make some mid-course corrections. Not easy, frequently uncomfortable, and fraught with delays – sorta like Chicago construction.

Have you ever heard that saying about ‘when you love what you do, it’s no longer work’? That’s the sweet spot I’m aiming for, when I have cool clients and projects that we love so the hard work we do becomes a joy. I plan to work together with fabulous horse professionals to ramp up everyone’s marketing and get even more people involved with horses, strengthening the overall industry. And for all of us to have a good time doing it, in a way that’s in the best interests of the horse.

I hope you’ll stick with me, because there’s some good stuff coming….as soon as I get through this dang construction season!


Thanks to Bob M., one of my subscribers and a good guy, who checked in with me via email to say he hadn’t seen a post in a while – thanks for the nudge to let people know what was happening on this end, and I truly appreciate the check-in.

And, welcome to the new subscribers that have hopped on during this lull, too! I hope you’re all enjoying some good weather and maybe the last little bit of summer, and I look forward to connecting with you sometime soon. Feel free to send me a comment or email, I’ll respond.

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