Monday Morning Quickie – Watch Out TV, Here Comes The Web!

A recent study indicated that the Web was catching up to television in terms of influencing face-to-face conversations. While most equine businesses can’t advertise on TV due to the sheer cost involved, the Internet is a completely different story. What could this mean to the future of the horse industry?

While past surveys by The Keller Fay Group still showed TV was king when it came to influencing conversations about specific brands, their newest survey (with Yahoo!) shows the Internet poised to overtake television, according to an article by Jack Neff at Advertising Age magazine’s Web site.

The Internet gained three percentage points over last year, so that it now influences or prompts 15% of brand-related conversations compared to television’s 16%; the numbers are based on a survey conducted in January, 2010. Print media stayed constant at about 10%.

I recommend reading Neff’s article, since he shares details about specific numbers on various factors affecting this trend, and how they’ve changed over the past few years.

What does all this mean for the horse industry? These are all factors we need to be aware of, and factor into our marketing:

  • Mobile devices are increasingly important, as are consumers aged 13 to 40
  • While the players may change and evolve, social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter) is here to stay and has a powerful effect
  • Information needs to be available online 24/7, so that people can access, and share it with others, on their own schedule
  • Developing an online presence and a strong brand identity is more important today than it’s ever been in the equestrian world

The Internet puts into our hands a very powerful communication tool, one that levels the playing field in terms of the horse industry’s ability to communicate to current and potential horse owners and compete against other recreational industries. The question is, how will we use it?


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2 responses to “Monday Morning Quickie – Watch Out TV, Here Comes The Web!

  1. I am in total agreement with your article. I have believed for a long time that the best way to connect with your customers is creating a place that they can go obtain information, 24×7. That’s why I created my web-based horse farm software so that the farm owner can keep their horse boarding customer informed.

    We all lead busy lives and can’t always pick a specific time to communicate but having one place to hear, learn, update, download information about your horse and all those incidental charges and lessons and on and on, makes staying connected using the internet the best way to increase customer service. Okay, I’ll get off my soap box now 🙂

    • Thanks for reading, Marie! Yes, I agree it’s important to have resources for horse people that they can access on their own schedule, whether they live in a different timezone in our big world or they’re ‘morning glories’ or ‘night owls’ and reading information when they can fit it in. Great that you used that factor in designing your business model, superb!

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