Trying Not To Hold My Breath

I’ve been writing equine articles for a number of years now, and for the first time, two of my articles are finalists in the American Horse Publications annual awards contest. Can you tell I’m trying not to hold my breath as I’m typing this?

I love it when people tell me that an article of mine that they’ve read has helped them in some way. Whether it gave them useful information, or pointed them in the direction they needed at the right time, it’s always good to hear. I strive to do good, thorough work, including research and in-depth interviews, combined with fact/quote checks of my drafts to provide a great final product – so it’s good to hear the work is valued.

What’s cool for me about the AHP awards contest is the peer acknowledgement from having 2 of my 2009 articles selected as finalists, because I know there are far better writers and reporters than I, and I know the competition for these awards is fierce.  So, it’s a nice little feather in my cap to have that ‘Finalist’ ribbon on my conference nametag this year.

What articles made the cut? Two that I’m very proud of:

  • To Air Is Divine – about Lipizzans and the airs above the ground, with a bit of history as well as information from 3 top trainers, including the head rider at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna (who sent me emails from his iPhone – how’s that for ‘modern meets historic’).
  • But I Paid The Photographer! What Do You Mean, I Don’t Own The Photo? – about the issues of photograph copyright and use of images from professional photographers, including how putting proofs on Facebook can potentially damage a pro photographer’s business and career.

The awards banquet and ceremony is tonight – I hope I’ll have good news to report tomorrow and a plaque to put on my wall. But, even if it doesn’t happen, I hope to be able to have a ‘Finalist’ ribbon on my nametag again next year.


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5 responses to “Trying Not To Hold My Breath

  1. Oooh, oooh! Finaling in any competition is a big deal. Thank you for telling us so we can telepathically send good wishes your way.

  2. Such well deserved recognition for you, your articles are always stellar! Very proud for you, can’t wait to hear. Fingers crossed, toes too!

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  4. Megan

    Lisa, congrats on the placements!!! I would love to read the photographer story some time…I clapped at the headline along with several others! 🙂

    • Hey Megan! Was super to meet you in person at AHP – love your enthusiasm, girl! Thanks so much, yeah that title is a bit long but says so much, eh?! I’m going to work on a PDF of the photography copyright article and get it up soon, just have a few client projects to get caught up on. I’ll be sure to send you a personal alert when it’s up. Have a great Thursday!

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