No Need To Travel To Equine Events, With Online Simulcasts

Later this afternoon, the grand opening ceremony of the new Al-Marah Arabian Galleries at the Kentucky Horse Park will be broadcast live, during the 2010 Egyptian Event. Amazing that no matter where you are in the world, you’ll be able to view it via the Internet. In the future, will there be any need to even travel to equine events?

The answer is, yes, of course there will be. Horse people love to be around horses, and no matter how great the video and audio on a simulcast, nor how big your computer monitor, the Web will never replace being in the presence of horses.

That said, this is a cool use of technology. I wouldn’t drive the 8 or so hours from Chicago to attend the opening in Kentucky, but I’ll probably tune in later today, especially to see what my former employer is up to. Yup, I did marketing and PR at Al-Marah Arabians, back in 2004. Of course, back then we didn’t have such handy-dandy technology; when someone was interested in a horse we had for sale, I had to get out the camcorder, take the footage, transfer it to a VIDEOTAPE, and mail the video. Oh, back then it was a veritable Stone Age compared to now!


What marketing and PR opportunities

might YOU create for your equine business, using video simulcast?


I’m not sure if there will be an archived version of the video; I hope there will be. These galleries are part of the efforts of the Purebred Arabian Trust, and the opening ceremony would be an important historical document, albeit in video form.

It does bring up questions for equine businesses about video use. Can you expand your potential market through video simulcasts? Would it allow you to expand into other regions, countries, or even continents? Might you create public relations and promotion opportunities through the use of simulcast events? Ah, the opportunities!


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2 responses to “No Need To Travel To Equine Events, With Online Simulcasts

  1. Video and online allows horse people to connect and enjoy events all over the world. I know that the Internet allows horse-loving troops to tune into live events, duty schedules permitting, while overseas.

    And during the Beijing Olympics, without the online stream option, NBC would have only offered horse-lovers a highlights reel of equestrian action, most likely jumping, buried among the other sports. Instead, we had the opportunity to watch all the dressage competitors online, as long as we had the time to do so.

    The only problem I see is, of course, is the financial cost of the hardware. Flip cameras allow us much flexibility and anyone to go online, but a lot of viewers expect TV network-quality professional video and editing from us amateurs. The bar has been set high. Still, IMO, it’s better than nothing.

    • Totally right on the money! And an excellent point about the Beijing Olympics – while horse lovers aren’t as huge an audience as those watching Michael Phelps win his golds, we are still a significant viewership and target market, and I’m glad the technology now exists to allow us to see even more horse events online.

      My own pet peeve is network TV coverage of racing – WHY do they insist on covering up the horse/legs with the stats bar? I’d rather cover up the jockey and see the horse, since the horse is the one actually running the race.

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