Monday Morning Quickie – Are You Quitting Facebook Today?

Facebook has been the ‘800 pound social media gorilla in the room’ for a while now; however, they’re facing increasing criticism and unrest from users due to Facebook’s treatment of user data and their complex privacy opt-out settings. May 31, 2010, has been designated as Quit Facebook Day; is it a sign of things to come? Or will it be business-as-usual come tomorrow?

An excellent article by Ian Paul at covers the issues on this topic; he reports that while only a small percentage of surveyed Facebook users intend to quit today, over 80% are now being more careful on the social networking site, with 76% sharing less personal information. Paul’s article also covers some of the recently simplified privacy changes, in case you’re interested.


Facebook: Do you love it? Or hate it?


On a related topic, has an alert about a Facebook ‘clickjacking’ worm that is spreading via ‘likes.’ If you use Facebook and regularly ‘like’ items, you might want to read the alert and use some caution until it’s cleared up.

Many horse people like to connect and share information via Facebook, so until something better comes along, it’s probably a good idea to share private details sparingly when it comes to Facebook.

(Note – due to the Memorial Day holiday, this ‘Monday Morning Quickie’ turned into a ‘Monday Early Evening Quickie’ – hope you’ve enjoyed it anyway!)

Thank you to all of our armed forces and their families, past/present/future,  for your service and your sacrifices both small and large.



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5 responses to “Monday Morning Quickie – Are You Quitting Facebook Today?

  1. Well, if today was supposed to be “Quit Facebook Day,” I didn’t notice any slowdown in FB traffic. 😉

    • Shows the importance of knowing how to get your message out – I only heard about it a few days ago!

      • All I saw was a story on the late local news about how “thousands” were quitting Facebook. Can you say, drop in the bucket? But you’re right – the promoters of this program simply did not promote.

        Frankly, to promote to strangers – to sell a product to strangers? – I think you need Twitter.

  2. Plus, I think more people still find it useful. I heard about the big “abandon ship,” and I’m still there, even though I’m not such a huge fan. But I think FB has a while (and a scandal) to go before FB’s rep slips the way of MySpace.

    • Great points! I agree, when something has gotten as big as Facebook, it takes a while for anything to happen (like turning around a freighter, to continue the ‘ship’ metaphor!).

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