On The Flip Side – Pros & Cons Of The Flip Video Camera

No piece of equipment is perfect; you have to get what works best for your needs, and find ways to live with the rest. That said, there are some very nice features on the Flip UltraHD video camera I recently bought, and a few things I feel are ‘less than’ or missing….

The good stuff:

  • Small, convenient, and easy to use
  • Great video image quality in high definition (HD) format
  • Easy-to-use download and common MP4 format
  • Download & edit software that’s built in to the camera
  • Screw-in mount on the underside for a tripod or monopod

The downside:

  • The zoom isn’t great
  • Audio can be a problem, since there’s not an input for a external mic
  • They don’t include much for the price – would be nice to have a USB connector cord and a plug-in charger for the battery, instead of having to buy those things a la carte (I even bought a better camera bag than the one that comes in the box)

If you’re considering buying a Flip or similar mini video camera – there are lots of great reviews out there, and I encourage you to do a Google search on your own and go to stores to try them out.

You must keep in mind what these cameras were designed for – the average consumer who wants to take videos and upload them to YouTube for sharing with family/friends, and to do it at a low cost. Because of that, going outside those design specs might require some creative ‘work arounds’ to get the best results. These cameras are NOT designed to compete with high-end professional video cameras, even though they shoot in HD.


No piece of equipment is perfect; be sure to research your options!


If you’ve decided you ‘gotta’ have one, here are a few NEW options from Flip for you to think about:

Watch for video clips coming soon, now that I’ve flipped over my own Flip, and tips and ideas on how to use video for marketing and promoting your equine biz.


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