Monday Morning Quickie – Video In The Palm Of Your Hand

Photos are worth a thousand words, but videos are priceless when it comes to marketing an equine business. There’s now a great camera option that makes it easier than ever to record video, and the camera I got fits in the palm of my hand.

While they’ve been out for a while, I recently purchased a Flip video camera. I got mine from Best Buy, paid the regular price, and have now used it a couple times. LOVE!

Here’s the one I got, the Flip UltraHD. It’s very similar to the Flip MinoHD in terms of features and length of recording time, although the MinoHD is a bit sleeker and more stylish, with a metal casing rather than the plastic one on my Ultra. Both allow 2 hours of recording time, and both record in high definition (HD) video.


Flip video cameras – super-simple to use, with great results.

An excellent resource for equine businesses.


I got the UltraHD instead of the MinoHD for two reasons:

  1. The Ultra works off either the included rechargeable battery pack, OR in a pinch you can use AA batteries; and
  2. It was about $30 cheaper than the Mino.

Tune in later this week for even MORE about my sweet lil Flip!


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2 responses to “Monday Morning Quickie – Video In The Palm Of Your Hand

  1. melissa

    I was hoping to see some video! Don’t leave me hanging;)

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