New Ad Uses ‘Man & Horse Marriage’ To Make Point

A new campaign ad from Friends of John McCain uses the concept of ‘man & horse marriage’ to make a point. While true horse people might laugh since we’re often spending more time with our horses than our significant others anyway, the ad and the article showcasing it bring up some interesting points about marketing and the media.


Outrageousness can be used strategically, but it can also backfire.


In his article, AOL News Editor Steve Pendlebury points out that it’s getting harder to differentiate between political ads and parodies, and provides some good examples of past campaign ads to support his point; any of them could have been SNL Digital Shorts.

If you’re a horse industry professional, here are a few things you should keep in mind about media and marketing:

  • Once it’s on tape (or on the Internet, or in a photo), it’s out there forever, and often out of your control
  • Be cautious about the information you share with journalists
  • Prepare your ‘talking points’ in advance, so you won’t get sidetracked and can stay on-message

Outrageousness can be strategically used to make a point and develop a marketing campaign that ‘goes viral’ and spreads throughout your target market, but be careful it’s not something that might backfire in the long run.



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2 responses to “New Ad Uses ‘Man & Horse Marriage’ To Make Point

  1. If outrageousness is part of a business’s brand, I think it goes over better. But like adding a strong spicy ingredient to a stew, a little goes a long way.

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