Monday Quick Tip – Horse Industry Survey Results Now Available

The survey I referenced in my March 19th No Biz Like Horsebiz post has now been released to the general public. Survey results are now available for download at the American Horse Publications (AHP) Web site.

According to AHP, this survey of hands-on horse owners and managers in the U.S. is the largest ever conducted. Sponsored by Intervet/Schering Plough Animal Health and Pfizer Animal Health, it was designed to gauge participation trends and gather information about important issues facing the equine industry, plus feedback about potential solutions.

A total of 11,171 people who own, lease, or manage horses completed the survey; data analysis services were provided to AHP by Dr. C. Jill Stowe, assistant professor of Agricultural Economics at the University of Kentucky.

New media such as Twitter, Facebook, blogs and Web sites were used by AHP members to spread word about the survey and invite participation, in addition to more traditional print media and professional organizations.

There were five main sections of the survey: demographics, horse ownership, horsekeeping costs, issues facing the equine industry, and horse health care. All of these are important to consider in marketing and promotion strategy, since they are all issues that play a role in some way.

I encourage you to download and read the 72-page survey. We’ll continue to reference and interpret it here, so come back often and see what’s cooking.


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