Equine Industry Survey Results – Is This YOUR Biggest Marketing Challenge?

The equine industry is changing; are marketing efforts keeping up? Turns out we’re hampered by not enough time, and not enough knowledge.

Survey Says

This being a new-ish blog and all, I wanted to find out the biggest marketing challenges facing readers, so I did what anyone would do in this day of Internet hocus-pocus – I set up a poll question.

And, the winners are….

  • ‘Not enough time’ and ‘Don’t know where to start’ were tied in first place, with 29% each
  • ‘Other’ also had 29%, but since there were no comments attached, who knows what ‘other’ is?!
  • ‘Social media is so confusing’ also got some shout-outs, with 14% of votes

One person sent in the comment, “Basically, we need exposure.” The question is, how to get it?

I agree, the tools and resources for marketing a horse-related business today are mind-boggling. Plus, simply running a horse business takes long hours and longer days, weeks, and years. However, starting with research and strategy will help anyone come up with some guidelines on what to take on first.

These poll results give me some good starting points for helping equine-related business owners find both more time, and more knowledge. I hope you’ll tune in regularly to learn as we go.

Thanks to everyone who answered the poll question! Watch for more poll questions and even more opportunites to voice your opinion coming soon!



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8 responses to “Equine Industry Survey Results – Is This YOUR Biggest Marketing Challenge?

  1. I did leave comment in the Other blank, and I may not be the only one who did so. For some reason, it didn’t “take.”

    • Wow, I’m so sorry, Rhonda!! Thanks for letting me know, I’ll have to look into that for the next time. Must be ‘first-time operator error’ (me!). If you had an Other comment, feel free to post it here, or click on the Contact tab at the top to send me a private email message. Thanks for your understanding! ;D

  2. A situation I see a lot of is equestrian disciplines badmouthing other disciplines.

    English riders vs western. Barefoot vs shod.

    Only it goes deeper than “mine is better.” Often it’s “mine is humane but theirs is cruel.”

    • That’s a good point. That type of badmouthing is an issue for a couple reasons…
      – It paints a negative image of horse people and the industry to outsiders, and we need them both as support for our equine endeavors and as a pool of potential horse riders, owners, and enthusiasts; and
      – it divides the horse industry rather than brings us together, which further damages our industry’s future growth and strength.

      Let me be clear, I am NOT talking about situations where there is actual cruelty, just where there is a perceived philosophical difference in method or approach.

      Anyone else have some examples where discipline or approach badmouthing is detrimental for the equine industry and marketing efforts? Feel free to join in!

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  4. i agree the internet is the place to be but am foggy on how to get results especially since i don’t have any money to spare in this tight economy. i would love to know how to get my info to all horse lovers in one fell swoop. or at least as many as possible. seems like i only reach a small % with my current methods.

    • Thanks for checking us out and for your comment. Finding the right customers is nearly always a challenge, so you’re not alone! The good news is, there are many online and low-cost avenues for marketing today – I hope you’ve subscribed to get email updates from No Biz Like Horse Biz, since we’ll be exploring many tools and strategies in the weeks and months to come.

    • Cindy, this blog post has some information you can use in planning your own marketing strategy, including links to small business organizations that can help you. If you want to send me a private message, click on the ‘Contact’ tab above.

      Monday Morning Quickie – Most Small Biz Looking For 2010 Growth

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