Monday Morning Quickie on Horse Industry Marketing

Good morning! Hope you had a lovely weekend! Here are two quickie items to get your week rolling….

  • I set up a survey question at my blog post asking ‘What’s Your Biggest Marketing Challenge?‘ and the answers are interesting. In the lead is ‘don’t know where to start.’ The survey closes this Wednesday, March 31 – I invite you to add your 2 cents – what’s YOUR biggest marketing challenge in your horse business?

I see many fine horse people and businesses in my work, and I also see marketing opportunities they’re leaving on the table that could help improve their overall business results. That’s why I started this blog, to help equine biz folk improve their marketing – our industry’s success depends on it.

  • For my May 2010 column ( which runs in the regional equine magazine From The Horse’s Mouth), I’ll be announcing my No Biz Like Horse Biz blog and talking about WordPress and how equine businesses can use it as a marketing tool. Since I’m always looking for new information to help my readers and have been on the alert for blog information recently, I participated last night in ‘blogchat’ on Twitter – it’s a moderated moment in time where tweeters can ‘gather’ via using a searchable term that collects all their tweets in one location, in this case, the term was #blogchat. The #, which on Twitter is called a ‘hashtag,’ makes that term searchable. I learned some great new things, that I’ll be sharing with you here in weeks to come.

Here’s the link if you want to read the #blogchat transcript; if you have questions about it, please send me an email via the Contact tab at the top.

Remember – ‘what’s your biggest marketing challenge?’ survey ends Wednesday! Please take 3 minutes now to read and vote!



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2 responses to “Monday Morning Quickie on Horse Industry Marketing

  1. anonymous

    This blog is great. How did you come up with the idea?

    • Thanks for stopping by, glad you like the blog!

      I’ve been considering a blog for a long time. For the past four years, I’ve written a column on marketing equine-related businesses in a regional equine print magazine, and I felt the timing was finally right for me to expand to online. My focus has always been on combining sound marketing principles and innovative technology and tools. I hope to inspire horse biz owners to look at other industries and how they’re marketing, and to explain how they can adapt big-budget ideas for a horse business that doesn’t have those deep pockets. Hope you’ll check back, lots to come!

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