Who’s Who In The Horse Community, And Who’s Watching?

New media use is increasing among horse people and equine industry business. It’s a fabulous communication tool, bringing all of us into much closer contact with one another and allowing us to connect with like-minded others as well as promote all of our equine activities to a potentially global audience. However, where there’s an upside, there can also be a downside, and the downside of ‘open book’ sharing can be safety, security, and potential identity theft issues.

Here’s a great article at the Huffington Post by Internet Security Analyst Robert Siciliano on new media security; I bookmarked it when it came out in July 2009, but it’s definitely still relevant today, and even into the future. Not to be paranoid, but with many horse people sharing private details and activities via Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc., can we be sure that the people reading have 100% honest intentions?

I encourage horse people to read this article, and consider what you’re posting. It can be a good idea to have discussions about these topics, with family, friends, and employees.

Mr. Siciliano goes into great detail as to the security questions to ask youself, so I won’t repeat them here. What I will say is that for equine businesses, it’s a good idea to establish a policy about what to share and not share on the Internet. Because once the horse is out of the barn, there’s no closing the door.


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