A Quickie From Kemp Equine – Two Books I Like

I noticed that yesterday’s blog post on the horse industry’s biggest competition was kinda long-ish – and yet, it sparked some great comments from Amber at ExchangeHJ and Karyn at BlackFyre Media Works. Do you think competition from other recreational activities is an issue for horse businesses? I hope you’ll check it out and add your thoughts to the mix!

To keep this post a quickie, I wanted to recommend two books related to branding and marketing that I find to be very interesting, and I feel they work well together to help us understand the WHY and the HOW of creating a strong brand for an equine-related business.

The Culting of Brands – When Customers Become True Believers by Douglas Atkin: The author wondered why some people became fiercely passionate and loyal to particular products or companys. He thought it was almost cult-like – so why not study cults? After seven years of doing just that, Atkin concluded that there were indeed similarities between cults and brands, and this well-written book provides an overview of WHY it’s important for marketers to understand what creates both meaning and community for people. I also came across this great video of Atkin talking about how to create a community-based brand for your business.

Creating Customer Evangelists – How Loyal Customers Become A Volunteer Sales Force by Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba: Building upon the understanding gained in the first book, a good read of Creating Customer Evangelists gives the HOW of creating a community-based brand through both the authors’ six-step process in creating a ‘volunteer sales force’ from your own satisfied customers, and case stories that illustrate these principles.

If you have questions about these books, feel free to send me a comment! I hope you enjoy them, I’ve returned to them again and again.


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